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And a Letter from Reunion Chairs Krista and Joan...

Important Registration Information:

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  • On-campus housing and meals are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registration closes May 16.
  • Walk-in registration will not be available onsite.
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  • Apply for financial aid before registering by emailing reunionquestions@wellesley.edu or calling 781-283-2321.
Wellesley Class of 1974

Dear Wellesley Class of 1974 Friends,

Mark your calendars and make your travel plans! Our 45th Reunion is June 7 – 9, 2019 and registration is now open.  Click here to register now!

Join your classmates for a memorable weekend - you can see the full schedule of activities as well as information to make entries in and purchase our 45th Reunion Record Book under the Reunion tab36_dscn0318 on our Class of 1974 web site.

 The Class of 1974 will be headquartered in Claflin and Lake House and we recommend you register early if you plan to stay on campus as space is limited. See the College's FAQ's on Accommodations for nearby hotels and other helpful information if you plan to make other housing arrangements.

Here is more info from our Reunion Chairs and info on Reunion Committees you can volunteer for. Please make your Reunion reservation now!


Message from Reunion Chairs Joan Cassman and Krista Fogleman

We are happy to be serving again as the Co-Chairs for our Reunion. Forty-five years since we were students at Wellesley? Hard to believe but true!

We have two goals for Reunion: 1) to encourage as many classmates as possible to attend Reunion and 2) to plan a reunion that is joyful and meaningful for us all.  

Regarding 1974banner-3-2our first goal to bring together as many of us as possible in June, we hope you have already decided to come and will register now.  But if you haven’t yet decided, let us try to persuade you!


Connecting with Classmates.  First, Reunion can feed our need for connection and desire for renewal. Frequent Reunion attendees know that while each Reunion can be quite different, they are all memorable. We are united by the unique experience of growing into young adulthoodjane_francineduring the tumultuous early '70’s on the bucolic Wellesley campus.  Reunion offers us the time to reminisce, to share, to support, and to learn about each other’s present world interests and challenges. Often, the most compelling discovery is that issues that may have presented barriers in years past no longer divide or feel threatening and that we can revel in our many commonalities.  So, if it’s been a long time since you’ve been to a Reunion, make our 45th the one that breaks the pattern. Or, if you want to ensure that someone you know will be coming too, get in touch with her and make a plan to meet up at Logan or on campus.   


Campus Events. Second, for some of us, the faculty lectures and tours offered during Reunion are a big draw.   Another draw for classmates is the College’s thriving community of SIGs – Shared Identity Groups, including Wellesley Alumnae of African DescentWellesley Latina Alumnae Network, Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A)Wellesley Jewish Alumnae, and  Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance. These groups will be meeting from 3:30 to 5:30 on Saturday afternoon and offer the chance to connect with alums from other classes who share your interests.chris_santos_waban1_sm


Relax...Third, there is the chance to spend time, once again, on the most beautiful college campus in the country.  Wellesley, in all of its June glory, remains a place of peace, tranquility, and restoration.  You may want to seek peace and solitude in places you loved 45 years ago or walk around the lake with new friends.  But however you enjoy the campus, the presence of each of you will enhance the experience for all of us.      


Affording Reunion Expenses. Fourth, if you are concerned about how Reunion expenses fit into your budget, the Alumnae Association offers financial aid to help with Reunion fees and travel expenses. The process is confidential; no classmates are involved. Contact Alumnae Association staff member Kelly Gallagher (781-283-2321 orkgallag2@wellesley.edu).  Please don't let concerns about cost keep you from joining us! 


And now - our second goal – to make our 45th Reunion a blast!

dsc00598There is much to do and many hands make light work. Volunteer to help with the to-do's! The Reunion Committees are described below.  Please volunteer for one! It's really fun to get involved!

Helping to plan the Reunion puts you in touch with classmates earlier  - and is a great service to the Reunion preparation effort. If you’re a bit unsure about coming, or you think you might feel awkward about meeting classmates you don't already know, or seeing friends with whom you've lost touch, helping with the preparations will make you feel right at home when it’s happening. Participating in a Committee automatically means you will know classmates who will be attending.

Some of our classmates are already working on the Committees charged with Reunion planning. Working toward June has reminded us again of the deep pleasure of connecting with Wellesley friends and acquaintances and, perhaps most fun of all, getting to know some classmates for the first time!



We also remind you the Alumnae Parade on Sunday morning is always fun, with all of us wearing white and purple!  Insignia Chair Laurie Shahon has chosen a beautiful and practicalmulti-hued purple long summer-weight scarf as this Reunion’s insignia. Note that we will not have them for sale at Reunion, so order one as part of your Reunion registration, which you can do by clicking here.                                                                                              

And Stephanie Bruno is reprising 16_parade_2bher role

as Parade Marshal and leading us in our 

Class cheers during the Parade!                                                                                           

As you can see, there are many components to Reunion and many ways to help decide the whats and hows of the Reunion weekend. We truly hope to see each and every one of you at our 45th.  We will do our part to make it a happy, peaceful, energizing and memorable weekend.

Please get in touch with Committee chairs or either of us to volunteer for a task that appeals to you.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you and very glad to see you all when we meet in June!

All the best for a good year for each of us, from now til then.marylou_class_meeting1_sm

Joan Cassman                                  Krista Fogleman
jcassman@hansonbridgett.com           kfogleman@foglemanlaw.com


Committee Descriptions and Contact Information
Here’s a list of the Reunion Committees - which one appeals to you?

Dorm Committee. Co-Chairs Eleanor Hayes McGourty and Lola Chaisson (emcgourty101@gmail.com, lolajudy@gmail.com) . This Committee will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our Class headquarters in Claflin with Lake House as the overflow dorm. They will design, put up and take down decorations for the dorms and staff the welcome table for peak hours during Reunion weekend (which is a good way to get to meet practically everyone!)


Socidsc00895al Hour Committee. Chair Donna Davenport Smythe (dsmythe@teamforte.com)  This committee organizes our popular Friday and Saturday night social hours and provides the snacks and beverages available in the dorm during Reunion weekend.


Saturday Dinner Committee. Co-Chairs Deborah Bedell and Chris Santos (Deborah@theBedells.com, santos.chris.c@gmail.com)  This Committee makes the arrangements for the Saturday Class dinner including decorating tables and providing after dinner entertainment.

Outreach Committee.  Chair Mary Lou Savage(mlsavage@afanet.org)  This Committee is already planning ways to reach out to all classmates to encourage coming to Reunion and to help anyone who wants to connect with other classmates who have a special interest or experience. We will also be publishing a list of classmates with whom the College has lost touch and will be asking for your help in finding them and encouraging them to come to Reunion.


A follow-up email will be sent shortly with more information on each Committee, asking for your input, ideas and participation! In the meantime, please do two things:

  • Don't put off entering your updates to our 45th Reunion Record Book by clicking here. You can purchase a Record Book through this Order Form.
  • Don't put off registering for Reunion - do it now by clicking here. 

We look forward to seeing you at Reunion, June 7-9, 2019!