Dear Classmates, matter what holidays you celebrate, the season has started! I am so grateful for many good people in my life (including you!) with whom I still create wonderful memories and so thankful to be warm and happy this weekend. Wishes to you for the same! 


As I start my last six months as Class President, I am also very thankful and honored for having been able to serve in this position. I will be passing the torch soon - Reunion decisions are being made as we speak - please be on the look out for communications inviting you to our 45th Reunion - June 7-9, 2019 on Wellesley's campus.  Here are a few items to get you in the mood...


  • Wellesley Fund - Look out soon for Barbara Garlock's annual end-of-year reminder to donate to Wellesley. And, if you want to start reconnecting with classmates now, please consider contacting her at to get involved in class outreach. Your contribution benefits future generations of women to come, and thereby passes forward your gratitude for such a great education. Do what you can - every amount counts!
  • Record Books (December) - The Class of 1974 Record Book's website is just about finished and soon will be ready for you to check your profile from the wonderful 2014 Book and update for 2019.  Co-Chairs Nancy Brown and Mary Lou Savage will be sending out information soon. Do be sure to follow up and bring us current on all your news - we love reading about all our classmates! 
  • Reunion Opening Letter  - Reunion Co-Chairs Joan Cassman and Krista Fogleman will send out their first Reunion missive in early January, inviting you to attend our 45th Reunion on June 7-9, 2019. We would love to see as many classmates as possible and especially welcome those who have never come before. Reunions really are a place to find old and new friends and some unconditional love - so please come!  

REUNION REGISTRATION OPENS IN FEBRUARY!  Plan to sign up early as housing reservations will fill up quickly. A big THANK YOU to all of you volunteering for Class and Reunion activities!


Our Reunion Cake in 2009!!                                                             Alumnae Parade!

Class of 1974 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cynthia Hill, our liaison to Wellesley's Students Aid Society, and I are extremely grateful for all the donations made by classmates to our Class of 1974 Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Fund was  created by the Class after our 5th Reunion to honor deceased classmates. The names of those who died during the year are submitted annually with a Class donation and are memorialized in the annual Society Bulletin. 


The Class Officers just approved our FY2019 donation, bringing our contributions to $2500 for the past five years and, when submitted, the Fund's total to approximately $8300. Can we  get to $10,000 by our 45th Reunion? Let's really try.....if you are a Fund supporter, please donate!


Class Web Site  - Class Emails

As we prepare for our 45th Reunion, all communications will be by email, so please make sure your alumna profile is up-to-date with your preferred email address and you check the preference you opt in for emails.  


We are just starting to update our Class webs site at    In addition to more pictures and the list of Class and Reunion volunteers, the '74 web site will include as much about Reunion and our Class history as we can get on. It would be fun to post our Class cheers, maybe the Wellesley special recipes, and what else? If you have an idea, let me know and send me the content.  


And please activate your Wellesley Login if you haven't already so you can enjoy our Reunion postings.  This link will walk you through the steps needed to activate your login along with helpful FAQs and Wellesley's help desk contact information.


On behalf of the Class Officers, let me wish you a happy and safe holiday season. You can contact any Class Officer to engage more fully with the Class or the College - just contact one of us. All of our contact information is on the Class web site at


My best,