Wellesley College Class of 1974 Life Membership

Here is some basic information about our class treasury. Life memberships are very important!

  • The class treasury provides funding for various class activities such as mailings, mini reunions, Executive Board phone calls, travel expenses to Alumnae Leadership Council, and memorials. It can be tapped for seed money for class record books and reunion expenses — including entertainment and reunion aid to classmates — as well as for miscellaneous class expenses approved by the Board. Also, treasury funds can be used to augment our class’s reunion gift if so voted on by a quorum at reunion.  
  • The class treasury gets its monies from annual dues payments, donations, the sale of insignia items (post- reunion), and interest income from life membership dues, the latter (interest) provided annually by the College. Most classes, including ours, choose to have the College manage life-membership funds and forward the annual income to us. The life memberships constitute our class endowment — which, at some reunion in the future, our class can vote to give to the College.  
  • Our interest income has grown to over $2,000 per year, coming largly from life membership income. Without that interest, we would never be able to keep reunion costs down and hopefully help classmates attend, so please consider becoming a life member if you have not already done so. Life memberships cost $100.

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Wellesley Class of 1974 Lifetime Membership
  Description:  Wellesley Class of 1974 Lifetime Membership
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